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Guided Bird Hunting


Mid September through November

 Enjoy a day Afield behind our Well Seasoned Bird Dog,  

AKC Registered German Wirehaired Pointer,  "Mason Creek High  Struttin Heuver"     

Grouse & Woodcock Hunting on YOUR Land or "Secret Spot"

We also Hunt Pheasants and Chukars at Game Farms in the U.P. of Michigan & Northern Wisconsin

Our rates are reasonable ("Bisquit Money" for Heuver  and to cover travel expenses).

 We do this to give Heuver extra time in the field... like He needs it... as He has retrieved over 2000 Birds in his very soft mouth, possessed with the passion to hunt.

 In his "Prime". He will turn 7 years old in May,  2020.

This photo of the Cock Pheasant between Heuver's paws was the last bird of the day. A long shot only broke a wing but the Rooster had 2 good legs and a big head start! Heuver tracked it about 150 yards, pulled it out from under a fallen tree and carried it back alive over 300 yards to the truck... where he set the live bird down and smiled.

We volunteer our servivces for the KAMO Program (Kid's And Mentors Outdoors) annual Pheasant Hunt opportunity.


Bird Hunting And Shotgun Shooting Instruction available.


Call (906) 370 4433 for more information

Pheasant Hunt Video

Check out this great video

Pheasant Hunting

2 Pheasant shows to view


Woodcock Hunt And Light House Tour