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Frequently asked Questions

Who or What is Heuver?

Heuver... is THE Bird Hunting AND Fishing Companion Dog of the Company.  

A Bird Vacuum (Hoover) but a German  Wirehaired Pointer and why we named him Heuver.  

He is well seasoned and enjoys being on the water and may join us on our Fishing Trip with your permission and depending on the weather conditions.

Heuver allows you to Fish , Fight and Land your Catch, but WILL demand your attention when  you are not actively fishing... unless He chooses to take a nap .

We respect allergies or issues that could make your trip uncomfortable to have him aboard.

Please advise us in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

What is Provided AND What do I need to Bring?


Lures, Baits, Quality Rods and Reels, Bottled Water, Fish Cleaning available...  and FUN!!!

Suggest that YOU BRING:  

Fishing License, Hat or Cap, Polarized  Sunglasses,  Sunscreen,  Medications including motion sickness.

Appropriate Attire including Rain Gear in a duffle or backpack bag>>> (You can always take it off... BUT can't put it on if you don't have it!!!).          A charger  for YOUR  Devices.

FOOD:  A lunch & Snacks  (especially for  Kids) and other drinks besides water that we provided.  Beverages with Alcohol OK...  but excess  NOT  tolerated and will result in a shortened trip.

A cooler with ICE left in your vehicle if you plan to take your catch with you.

Where and WHEN do we meet ?

We will send info, to re-confirm your fishing charter trip details, via text or email.  If you do not receive a text or email, call us... We  also PREFER to Speak with You if you have phone service which can be spotty in  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 3 days before and re-connect especially the early evening  before the trip ESPECIALLY  if WEATHER becomes a factor.  We can discuss an alternate launch  site and/or area to avoid a cancellation. 

Do I need a Fishing License?

At the point of turning age 17  you are required  to have a Michigan Fishing License with some exceptions.                   See the link below for Rules,  Regulations and more Information.     ​
Licenses are available at stores & gas stations click below for locator.,4570,7-350-79119_79146_82448-34869--,00.html 

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has developed an electronic license that allows an individual to display an electronic copy of his or her fishing license using an electronic device.

                                         You may also purchase online by clicking below.

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