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A wealth of information is available on  Lake-Link .com

Michigan Dept of Natural Resources


 Search by Area, Species and/or Dates.

 A suggested search try---  County=Houghton, Water Body=Portage Lake, Species=All, Start Date Jan 2009, End Date= Current Month & Year, sort by Date.   Also try a broad  search in Baraga  and Keweenaw Counties.

Bait and Tackle

Indian Country Sports located at 17 South Front Street,  L'Anse, MI is our areas most completely stocked Hunt, Fish, Camping & Outdoor Sports store is located 30 miles south of  Houghton/Hancock.  Ashleigh and Tammy are a great source of information  (906) 524-6518  

Cabins and Lodging

There are several Fisher and Hunter Friendly places to stay. 

Call us (906) 370-4433 to discuss your needs.

Other on the Water Fun

 Portage Paddle Sports offers 2 locations at Houghton and Hancock beaches.  Stand up Paddle Boards, along with  single, tandem and family size Kayaks to cruise  the beautiful Keweenaw  Waterway canal.         Bike Rentals too.

Jilberts hand-scooped ice cream and more offerings at both locations. 

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Stuck at home? Learn to fish with IGFA’s Online Fishing Modules!

Although tailored to saltwater fishing  there are may general helpful topics you can apply to freshwater fishing as well.

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As schools, businesses and group functions continue to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IGFA’s FREE Online Learning Modules offer a great learning activity for both children and adults!

The IGFA’s Online Learning Modules are free to the public and provide a fun, interactive introduction to angling basics, marine and aquatic biology, fish anatomy and more! Learn how to tie knots, pick the right bait or lure, and target popular game fish species from the comfort and safety of your home.

Take advantage of this great online program now so you are ready to wet a line when the coast is clear! Enroll for free today!